The best way to schedule an initial, one-hour consult is to contact our front desk associate. Please contact Matthew at (978)-957-7000.

Yes, there is a consult fee of $350.00.

Our office will accommodate any type of consultation, virtual or in-person. We offer in-office, telephone and zoom consultations. If you need further accommodation, please feel free to make a request prior to the consultation.

It depends on the case as well as where your case is procedurally. You should certainly bring with you any and all documents filed with the Court in the current case. If you’re involved in a complaint for modification or a contempt action then please bring the applicable prior Judgments or Orders with you. Additionally, if there are financial issues in dispute then prior year tax returns, recent pay-stubs, and prior financial statements are helpful and allow our office to provide more accurate advise. Nonetheless, we are able to access many of the court documents from an online database maintained by the Court. If you are in the beginning stages of a divorce, please bring with you a marriage certificate.