Spousal Support

If your alimony obligation merged into your judgment of divorce it is modifiable upon the finding of a material and substantial change in circumstance since the entry of the alimony order.

Updated Child Support Guidelines

The 2021 Child Support Guidelines Task Force responded to the critics by substantially increasing base child support by 40% for families with two children, 68% for three children, 85% for four children and 94% for five children…etc

What to expect when expecting.


There is no one-size-fits-all equation for child custody in Massachusetts. Every family’s situation is unique and the courts will look at many different factors to determine what type of custody arrangement will work best. Here at Ryder and Phelps, we will work to help you achieve the child custody arrangement that works best for you and your family….etc

Traditional Divorce or Mediation?


Mediation can be an excellent alternative to the traditional divorce route. It can save you time in court, can be financially less demanding, and can have a quicker turnaround time – it all depends on the variables of your case. Curious to see if mediation could be right for you….etc