In Massachusetts, a contested divorce action is placed on a fourteen (14) month track assignment. Theoretically your divorce action should be resolved either by agreement or by a trial within fourteen (14) months from the date the divorce was filed with the Court. However, many factors such as the contested issues, the amount of discovery needed, and your Judge’s docket all determine how long your individual divorce will take.

Ryder & Phelps, P.C. are aware that hiring lawyers is a costly endeavor, and consequently many of our prospective clients have many questions about what a divorce or a modification action will cost. The true answer is, it depends on many factors. Some of the common factors affecting cost are the complexity of the issues, the number of court hearings, and whether parties are able to negotiate in good faith with one another. According to a recent study conducted, the average cost for a simple divorce in Massachusetts is approximately $12,600. In divorces involving a dispute over alimony or property division that cost increases to $18,3000 and furthermore in cases involving custody disputes the average cost increases to $20,200.