We practice a holistic approach to handling divorce matters. The important financial and emotional issues that arise during this time are competently managed from beginning to end. It is our focus to ensure that our clients receive expert advice and solid counseling so that post-divorce they are in the best possible position for future success and happiness.

High-Asset Divorce

In some cases the financial challenges facing divorcing parties can get very complicated. We have represented many individuals with high net worth, complex ownership interests and self employment situations. We have long standing relationships with top rated business valuation experts to work with us to obtain a fair and equitable division of the marital estate. In addition, we have formed partnerships with tax professionals, investment bankers, and financial advisors who will work with you to ensure that your assets are protected, and maximized.

Alimony & Spousal Support

Alimony and issues of spousal support routinely change in accordance with the legislative agenda, and the tax code. Our team is current on all the latest laws and issues regarding this important topic, as in many cases, support is a major issue for families facing significant changes to their lifestyle after divorce.

Child Custody & Child Support

Children can be the most effected by divorce. We understand and believe that support of children financially by both parents is essential to the best possible outcomes for the entire family. Because of the many years of experience that our team has handling this issue we can be creative, and assertive when it comes to handling this aspect of any divorce or paternity matter. Click to learn more.

Modification Actions & Contempt of Court

Many portions of your divorce or paternity judgment may be modified in the future if there exists a material and substantial change in circumstance. Our team has successfully handled a great number of these matters. We are confident that if you are entitled to modifications under the laws in Massachusetts, we will either defend or pursue the same zealously.


Attorney Ryder is an MCLE Rule 8 certified mediator with over a decade of experience. Attorney Ryder ‘s alternate dispute resolutions skills are well respected by the Probate and Family Courts and she is often appointed by Judges and attorneys alike to mediate and conciliate complex matters. 

Child Removal Actions

Child removal cases are among the most difficult cases the probate and family courts deal with. In order to be successful in either defending or pursuing such a case, it is vital that your legal team has had real experience with this type of case. Attorney Ryder has been appointed as a guardian ad litem on such cases, and requested to make recommendations regarding one parents ability to relocate from the Commonwealth. In addition, our firm has handled this complex type of case in the past.

Child Removal Actions

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Contacts

In many cases, having a clear understanding of your rights and obligations prior to becoming married provides the structure and predictability necessary to engage in a happy future relationship. Our office has drafted and reviewed a great number of agreements, and are available to provide counsel as needed regarding the same.


No family law practice would be complete without a team that is able to draft a thorough estate plan. Our attorneys are able to work with you to design a solid plan that will protect your loved ones and provide you with the comfort of knowing your affairs are in good order.

Restraining Orders

While our primarily focus is family law, many of our clients find themselves seeking a restraining order or defending a restraining order during their Probate and Family Court litigation. We have significant experience representing clients in District Courts in regards to restraining orders and harassment prevention orders.  It is crucial that you speak with an attorney before filing for a restraining order to discuss what to include in your application and affidavit.